Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wahoo!! It's Mardi Gras Time...and boy, what a time we had!!

Well, before I get into Mardi Gras, I was asked how I get ready for my events. I want you to meet one of my dummies.....hmm, the only dummy I have (Isn't he cute?!). Here I practice, create lines, and designs for you and my clients! (Since it is only practice.....practice will make my painting perfect!)

It's interesting to face paint because the "canvas" I use is never the same. There is not one-in-a-million people who are put together alike. Sometimes I am surprised to find a bump or a "valley" in the facial features of people. It always adds a new dimension while I'm painting, especially when I'm working against the clock.

There is another interesting component to face painting...the mediums are so different. I can practice on a plastic head, or draw and paint on draftsman paper, art paper or poster board, but the human skin is unique in its properties. The skin can be dry, oily, sweaty, soft as new born skin, rough with facial hair, or bald....sleek and smooth. You know, I've painted a few real bald heads in my time. Actually the best bald head was a caricature of Randy Harmon, owner of Harmon's Grocery store at his annual employee party in Lagoon, Utah.

For a father/daughter dance date at a recreation center, the "devil" made me paint a bald head!

What did I say? "Wahoo!! It's Mardi Gras Time....and boy, what a time we had!" For Mardi Gras I put together a display chart which was used for a private party at the Canyon Inn Night club, for a fundraiser for cancer, and for the Crimson Club.

So enjoy the fruits of my labors until I "post" again for the KOSY 106.5 Safe Kids Fair.

I do want to acknowledge the patterns and influence Silly Farm has played in my face painting. Go visit them on the web and see the many things they have to offer!

My co-worker is great....see her in action! She painted the beautiful twin butterflies and the mask painted on the back of one of our clients.

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