Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Face Should I Paint?

I am always amazed at the love children have for spiderman, batman, butterflys, flowers, dogs and cats.  We ask the kids what they would like, and recommend a whole host of options.....but the standard picks are tried and true!!

I LOVE One Year Old and Toddler Birthday parties!

The Entertainment Industry

     So how does an entertainment company provide its entertainers?  Just like any other industry, it employs individuals to perform work tasks associated with its product.  Many of the entertainment companies have what they call "Contract Laborers".  They are individuals hired for a certain period of time, or for a certain task.  These individuals are free to work for whomever they wish (generally speaking) and are paid on an hourly basis.  They will frequently be contracted by the hosting company in consecutive events and become part of the group of individuals that work continually together.   There are some people who are on the permanent payrolls and are thereby salaried employees.

    In the face painting industry, it is the same.  Many of the painters work for each other.  So if a company touts "We have the best face painters" or "balloon artists" or "clowns",  more than likely it is the same entertainers who work for everyone else.

   You may be rest assured, that those I work with are wonderful people! Talented people! Each person is dedicated to their art of entertainment - whatever field it is in....whether it be in face painting, balloon art, or clowning.  When magicians are recommended, they are carefully picked to ensure pleasurable and memorable entertainment.

For the Safe Kids Fair, the people who worked together were (in order of the picture):

     Emily - Owner, "Face Painting Illusions & Balloon Art, LLC" (person taking the picture), Ariane, Dianna, Valerie, Joan, Paula, Marci (shown in video below).
   We so appreciate their skill in bringing fun and happiness to kids and adults alike!

For the purposes of this site, 99% of the pictures that are shown were painted by me.  Pictures taken for the Safe Kids Fair were shown on KOSY 106.5 site for their contest.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

GoCityKids Parent's Connect Internet Magazine

Info needed from you re: upcoming Parents Picks Awards‏


GoCityKids - SLC (


Mon 4/13/09 5:44 PM


Hi Emily,

 We are preparing to launch our second annual Parents Picks Awards, and given the number of readers reviews that have been posted on your behalf, Face Painting Illusions is going to be one of the nominees this year.  I'll need your mailing address so we can mail you a packet of info about the Parents Picks Awards.  This address will not be shared with the public - it is for our purposes only.



Holly BishopSalt Lake City Editor


ParentsConnect Local

Current Comments:

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This company is fantastic. I have seen them everywhere! They have been at Cornbelly Maze, Breakfast With Santa, Days of 47 Float Preview Parade, and now they were sponsored by KOSY 106.5 for the Safe Kids Fair. They are great!
[Submitted by Janeal 4/06/09

Emily and the gals at Face Painting Illusions joined KOSY 106.5 at the Zero Fatalities Safe Kids Fair in February. There were over 34,000 people in attendance and the KOSY 106.5/Face Painting Illsuions booth officially had the longest line in Safe Kids Fair history (12 years)! They were by far and away the busiest attraction and their work speaks volumes! I would reccommend them to anyone for any occasion. They're the best. You can see hundreds of photos of kid's who had their faces painted by Face Painting Illusions, on our website ay

KOSY 106.5 loves Face Painting Illusions!
[Submitted by Rob 4/06/09

Great business. Always reliable and very talented artists. 
[Submitted by Diana 4/06/09

These people are great! If I ever have a party again I will certainly give them a call!

[Submitted by Nancy 4/06/09