Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight DVD Release!!!!


Victoria - the evil vampire, came to visit Utah on Friday for the release of the DVD at midnight. Did you miss the action? See it "live", below, in the video as I captured the event.   We were the premier Face Painting Company for the biggest party ever! What a night.

I can't tell you how many vampires we painted this night.  So suffice it to say, enjoy the "blood" from this little one as it oozes from her mouth (she only wanted blood and a white face).......Boy this could be really bad, couldn't it?  Only a child a vampire mother would love  :D

Bite me!! Go Team Edward!  Maybe Team Jacob?!

Here she is!  Isn't this exciting?

'Til we meet again.....Don't let me frighten you~

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