Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Ghosts, Ghouls, Witches and such!

A tribal mask from Face Painting Illusions and Balloon Art! (by Emily)
I love the intense colors of these roses.....face painting by Emily
My dad truly is "Iron Man"!!
"Clowning" around in the maze.....

Awwww.... cute kitty!
Female vampire....
I have my "eyes" on you....
A face painted mask for a beautiful bumble bee :D
Here's the winning KISS team! You go!
I guess I wasn't done with "KISS" characters! Their group won first place at a company party. Way to go! Face Painting by Emily

Floral design.....I like it!
Scarecrow by Emily - adds a touch of fun to Cornbelly Maze and Face Painting Illusions!
"Iron Man" - Isn't he a cute boy?
A little tribal art, any one?
I really liked this beautiful facial design....the colors were awesome for a company party. Face painting by Emily.
"Jack Skellington.....and the 'dead' bride" :D Face Painting of bride by Emily

Face Design......
Candy corn cutie pie :D "Bar" none, the most fun - face painting by Emily

Even "witches" are in plentiful supply!
Corn maze stalker by Eric of Face Painting Illusions and Balloon Art.
A beautiful "webbed one".....I love the beauty mark!
A "deadly bride" ....face painting by Emily

"Skull" a stalking at Cornbelly's by Face Painting Illusions & Balloon Art, LLC.
"Here's Lookin' at ya, kid!" Where is the skull eye looking at? Face painting by Emily.
Brigham Young as a wicked pumpkin - he was such a great sport! Face Painting by Emily

Slitherin' snakes! Watch out Harry Potter - face painting by Emily.
Natalie as a tyrannosaurus rex.....bwahhaaa haaaa - by Emily
"We're coming to get you!" scary skeleton by Eric from Face Painting Illusions and Balloon Art.
An evil clown face painting by Emily would do the trick as well....
The "dead" walk slowly in the corn field maze - way to go Eric!
Natalie at Cornbelly Maze at Thanksgiving Point.....wicked pumpkin face painting by Emily.
Here is the premium night stalker at Cornbelly Maze, provided by Eric of Face Painting Illusions and Balloon Art, LLC. What an awesome job Eric!

"Participants, from young to old, enjoyed a two-hour dance lesson from Brooke Clawson and Jamyn Miller, of Precision Dance Camps, prior to the “official” Thriller Snow Dance. This year’s complimentary face painting (by Face Painting Illusions and Balloon Art, LLC), was a perfect addition to create a zombie-like atmosphere prior to the Halloween holiday." (Park City Mountain Resort)

Road kill for Becca.....the streets were full of scary ghouls!

Although Thriller Snow Festival was to be dark and dreary - this victim wanted a blue werewolf to match her outfit!
Look closely....the skull has eyes on the eyelids!

What a "Thriller" it was!

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