Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009 Annual Convention of the UT Optometric Association

The beautiful Zermott Resort in Midway was the backdrop for the 2009 Annual Convention of the Utah Optometric Association.
Truly they were "watching" and asking...."Which is better? One or two?"

(If you have never had your eyes checked, they show you two charts through a scope.....asking you,"Which do you see better the first chart or the second chart?")
Here is Maria's son with 'Taco', their Chihuahua dog, on his cheek in red, white, and blue.

No thorns on this gal!
A terrific threesome :D
"I love reptiles"....Gecko anyone?
This guy was living on the "wide side" with a tiger on his bicep.
Thomas the train is always a two-year -old favorite!
Her team symbol, a four-leaf-clover: Number 7.
A beauty, for sure!
A daring dragon.....
This dude is 'flamin'!


  1. Hey, I like the dragon design a lot. I've never seen that before! Good job, mommy!

  2. Thanks Jamie....I think you are great too!